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Colson Bike WooCommerce Elementor Template Kit

Colson is what you need to promote bicycles and bike-related products attractively. This bike WooCommerce Elementor template kit offers a modern, dynamic design to attract new customers. The template kit has complete page styles to build a professional website in a simple way. With just drag-and-drop functions, you can build complete website elements within minutes.

Colson also has a global-style design, which means every change in website elements (color palette, font) will affect the entire template. It helps keep your website design consistent, perfect for refurbishing your website every few years or during a seasonal shopping period.

Colson makes it easy to build a professional website without coding skills. You can get six-month support to set up a website, fix bugs, and solve other common problems with just one download.

Main Features

Here are several attractive and useful features you can get from this bike Elementor template kit.

  1. Multiple Template Pages and Styles

    Create a completely functional website with multiple pages available in the Colson pack. With just a download, you get templates for Homepage, About, Contact, Shop, 404, Single Post, Blog, and other standard pages for a modern functioning website.

  2. Popup, Animation, and Carousel

    Visual effects help make your website more attractive and emphasize specific information. Colson comes with popup images, subtle animation on images and texts, and image carousel effects. The effects make your website more interesting without making it heavier. All the effects are included in subtle ways to keep your visitors from being distracted.

    The animation effects also appear in the infographics. Colson offers infographics to showcase the number of projects done and years of operation. The effects make your visual information more interesting, convincing prospective customers.

  3. Multimedia Files

    What’s the best way to convince your customers than showing your products in action? Colson allows you to attach HD images, slideshows, and video files to your website. Feature your products in the most interesting way possible by using high-quality photos and videos.

  4. Responsive Shop Gallery

    Give your customers the best browsing and shopping experiences by dedicated Gallery page. This bike WooCommerce Elementor template kit has a modern gallery page design to preview the product image, title, and price. Every image has a convenient Add to Cart link for a more practical shopping experience.

    The Gallery has a responsive design that allows customers to shop using various devices and desktop and mobile versions. You can also add specific labels/icons such as “sale”. The product categories are displayed on the right-hand side of the webpage, allowing visitors easier access to specific products they might need.

  5. Fully-built Single Product Page

    Your product should shine of its own as you display it on a single page. Colson has a fresh, modern-looking single page with descriptions, product names, categories, and reviews. The image placeholder has a zoom function to allow visitors to inspect every part of the product. The page has a convenient “add to cart” button for easier purchase steps.

  6. Style Guide

    Get your complete style guide after downloading Colson. Here, you get all information you need to modify or change the web elements, such as color palette, fonts, forms, and heading styles.

Whether you sell custom bicycles, open a bike retail store, or sell bike accessories, a good website is key to your success. Get your Colson bike Elementor template kit now to start a successful bike business with a professional website!


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